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What Is Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing
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Optical fiber fusion splicing is a welded joint formed between two optical fibers.It is a permanent,low-loss,high-strength joint compared with other temporary joint such as a mechanical splice.Optical fiber fusion splices play a crucial role in the optical network.

The Ideal Fusion Splicing Process

The goal is to create a joint with minimum insertion loss yet with mechanical strength and long-term reliability that matches the fiber itself.

The ideal process should be fast,inexpensive and should not require expensive equipment.But in reality the process needs trade-offs among different applications and requirements.For example,for undersea telecommunications,long-term reliability is the most important goal for a fusion splicing.

The Advantages

There are other approaches for interconnecting fibers such as fiber optic connectors and mechanical splicings.Compared to these two,fusion splicing has many advantages as explained below.

1. Very compact

2. Lowest insertion loss

3. Lowest back reflection (optical return loss ORL)

4. Highest mechanical strength

5. Permanent

6. Can withstand extreme high temperature changes

7. Prevents dust and other contaminants from entering the optical path

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