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How To Splice Fiber Optic Cables
Date:2015-12-15 20:06:54 Browse:

Fiber optic cable has been around for several years, being used for anything from carnival toys to undersea telephone cabling. This came to fruition in the early 70s as fiber optic cable became essential to telecommunications, local area networking and other projects associated with networking. Being able to splice fiber optic cable is essential to its effective use. 

Splicing fiber optic cable is as simple as joining two cables together, but there are two ways to do this. Splicing fiber optic cable is an expensive repair that should be done by trained technicians. When companies splice fiber optic cable they have to look at the financial bottom line, as well as what it is they are looking to achieve. The following article will cover both methods on how to splice fiber optic cable.

Tools and Materials

Heat sink wrap tubing

Fiber cleaver

Mechanical crimp protectors

Alignment machine

Fusion splicer

Fiber Connectors

Mechanical splice unit

Electrical arc

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