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  1. 【Name】  YOKOGAWA MFT-OTDR AQ1200
  2. 【Category】  OTDR
  3. 【Description】  The AQ1200 is the newest addition to Yokogawa's OTDR product family offering an even smaller and

The AQ1200 is the newest addition to Yokogawa's OTDR product family offering an even smaller and lighter alternative to the AQ7275 models. Like the larger AQ7275, it also offers an industry leading 0.8m event dead zone as well as the convenient capability to display a fiber connector inspection probe using one of the unit's standard USB I/O ports. Tradeoffs compared to the larger AQ7275 include omission of the built-in launch fiber option, limited to SMF fiber only and a reduced dynamic range of 32dB.


--OTDR that supports SM1310/1550nm with a short 80 cm event dead zone.

--Quick power on for faster operations.

--Able to display trace and event information at the same time.

--Full auto mode for novice users and information tips for more experienced users.

--Bright LCD screen for easy viewing inside buildings and outside.

--Includes Fault Locator functions for fast measurements.

--Supports external USB Video fiber inspection probe.


--Optical loss test

Light source: 1310/1550nm SMF

Optical power meter: Standard/High power

Multi-core fiber test capability

--Visual fault locator

Visible light source

--PING test

Allows users to send PING through network right from the OTDR

Allows for quick and simple service connectivity test

Excellent Functionality and Operability

5.7 inch color LCD for easy viewing

Multi-Language support

AQ7275 OTDR-like interface

USB port for data storage

Quick and easy data exchange with PC through USB connection


Functions for field testing are integrated into a compact box

The AQ1200 Multi-Field-Tester OTDR is a compact and lightweight handheld OTDR with functionality optimized for the installation and maintenance of optical fiber cables and equipped with functions and operability that make the field testing easier. The AQ1200 offers three models, each of which has unique wavelength(s) based on their application. It is the test solution that improves work efficiency and quality.



SM 1310/1550 nm (AQ1200A)
SM 1625 nm (AQ1200B)
SM 1650 nm (AQ1200C)

Event Dead Zone: 0.8m

Auto Loss Test (Option)

Loss measurement with LS & OPM interlock
AQ1200's light source can transmit wavelength information, so that AQ1200's optical power meter can make measurements at a right wavelength at the other end. Moreover, the AQ1200A's light source and optical power meter can switch between two wavelengths (1310 and 1550 nm) automatically; therefore, the optical power meter can make measurements at right wavelengths, changing the wavelength along with the light source.

Measurement result storage and report output

Measurement results can be saved in the internal storage or external USB storage media, and the measurement report can be generated in CSV format.

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